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2306 - 15 minute unit motivating, goal and savings challenge 

2306 - 15 minute unit motivating, goal and savings challenge 

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15 minute unit goal and savings challenge with bookmark

Each days contains of 96 units of 15 minutes.
15 minutes is not much, but think about what you actually can fit into that unit!
Make chores, exercise, goals etc more manageable by thinking of them in 15 minute units. Or activities you want to do, but don't think you have time for. Give yourself time.

Color code or number each chore, session, goal etc and then color how many units you spend on them. Reward yourself if you manage to color all fields every day!

Buying options:
- Single sticker sheet
- Single zip lock envelope with 12 weeks challenge (A6 - 6 holes)
- Magnetic Bookmark List for what you want to fill your units with
- 2 Sticker Sheets and the Challenge Envelope
- 2 Sticker Sheets, Challenge Envelope and the Magnetic Bookmark



Find what areas in your life you need more motivation and a push and color code them (or give them a number) on the single box sticker. Then color/write the number in the fields on each box sticker as to how many 15 minute units you spend on each. Make it a goal to fill in all 12 fields each day.
Use markers or color pens in different colors, or just a pen if you use numbers.
Note: You don't have to do all things every day, the goal is to spend 12 units of 15 minutes each day on things you decide is important for you. This can change as the weeks go.

Set a savings goal on the cash envelope, divide it by 12 (weeks) and save that amount each week you manage to color all fields every day. Use the money for YOU. Maybe you should find out what you want to spend the money on before you start?



At the moment, this is my color coding:

Peach: Clean Kitchen/Dishes
Mint Green: Walk/Hike
Purple: Read
Neon Green: Laundry
Black: Small chores I "hate" doing
Red: List items for sale
Yellow: Do something "not me" to explore more
Grey: Vacuum, clean, dust

EDIT: I now start using numbers on each thing I want to do.
On the bookmark I have written down everything I want to change, start, stop etc og given them all a number, then I write the numbers inside the fields on the sticker for each day.
My brain does not function all that great when the stickers had all colors of the rainbow (en then some), so I am now only writing a number.
Walking has number 1. So every day this week and going forward, I write the number 1 in as many 15 minute fields as I spend (most days 3 units).


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