NORDICbyB is part of Peeters Produsjon og Salg, a Norwegian company based in a deep forest in the middle of Norway, next to a big and beautiful lake.
Well, that is only half the truth. We have to warehouses and to offices, and due to other jobs we are moving between the two every other week, or so.

Most items are stocked at both warehouses, but not all and not all the time. Moving back and forth means that orders some times takes a few extra days to ship. We will let you know it that is the case when you order.

NORDICbyB is more than this page alone. We also have a stickers and stationery shop, and a budget related shop over on Etsy. Links are at the bottom of this page.

We love what we do. I love what I do. I just wanted you to know. I have an injury from a biking accident some years ago that makes it hard for me to work "9 to 5" like in a corporate job, so I had to scale that down, and find an income source that had more flexible work hours. This is it.

I understand.
Some years ago, I made a die cut sticker pack called I UNDERSTAND. It has been a best seller ever since it launched, and I know why. The quotes are written from one hurt/almost healed soul to another. Anxiety, feeling alone, difficult roads, money issues, health problems and so much more, is me. And maybe you. We all struggle. In one way or another. That's part of the reason I do this. To heal, but also to let you know you are ok, even if you don't feel ok.

Some of my items have quotes telling you this. Or showing the middle finger to life, when we feel like it. In an ok way. And then som items are just for decor, fun, practical use or te put a smile on your friends and family. 
As you might read between these lines; this shop has something for most people!

Hope you'll stay to browse through our shelves. And hope you find something you like!