Vofsa & Venn is our new product line and in the months to come, the shelves in our warehouse will be stocked with lots of bandanas, dog toys, snuffle mats and other thing a dog (and it's owner) might love!

First in on our shelves are three different double sided bandanas, one snuffle mat and som bags to carry with you the poobags ;-)

And yeah, wait a minute. You might not know what the words VOFSA and VENN means?
VOFSA is a cute and different way of saying DOG in Norwegian. We had a dog some years ago that I called VOFSA, and this is my way of telling him I still miss him. 
VENN is the Norwegian word for "friend".

VOFSA & VENN as a product line, means that we make things (some times matching) both for the four legged and to legged friends.

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